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Frequently Asked Questions

If you select an artwork you wish to buy, the same can be viewed physically as well. However, in order to view the painting in person you will have to personally visit our gallery on Linking road, Khar (West), Mumbai.
Unfortunately we do not provide this facility on online purchases.
Once the payment is credited into Painted Rhythm Art Gallery’s account, we will initiate the shipping process. The artworks will be released for shipping within 1-2 working days from the gallery. Shipment will be delivered within on 7 to 10 working days (approx). An email will be sent with the tracking code of the parcel and depending on the location of the delivery address an estimated delivery time will be mentioned as received by the courier company
Prices on our website are fixed unless a discount code has been issued by Painted Rhythm Art Gallery for purchasing an artwork online. Please not that the provided discount code shall be valid only on a single transaction.
Once you order a painting online, a confirmation email will be sent to the given email address with details regarding the purchases. Once the payment has been credited against the order, we will initiate the packing and shipping process. The same will be informed to the client via an email. Once the artwork is sent for delivery, a tracking code will be provided to the client to keep updated about the whereabouts of the artwork. Basically once paid and ordered, Painted Rhythm Art Gallery will ensure the artwork reaches the client’s home safely and in the best way possible.
Along with the artwork purchased, Painted Rhythm Art Gallery will also provide you with an authenticity certificate which is signed by the artist. The signature is a confirmation of the originality of the artwork. Please note that Painted Rhythm Art Gallery deals with artists and all the certificates are signed by the artist and received by the gallery with trust and in good faith.
Though we assure that our website will be updated regularly, it is not always possible to display each and every piece of artwork we have at our gallery. If you wish to see more works of a particular artist, please come down to our gallery and one of our expert staff will show you the diverse collection we have. You can also check our new arrivals section to view our latest works.
All new artworks will be uploaded under the ‘New Arrivals’ section on the homepage of the website.
9.Is it possible to buy an artwork to be shipped internationally?
Yes, we do ship internationally. Packing is done as per international shipping standards to ensure that the artwork is not damaged in transit. Additional shipping charges are applicable and are not a part of the artwork price. This charge varies, depending on the delivery location.
10. I am an artist, would you help me display and sell my paintings?
The core motive of Painted Rhythm Art Gallery is to support and promote young emerging artists. Even if we don’t show your works, full guidance will be provided in case of any queries. You can email us on with a complete artist profile and artwork images for our reference. Our team will then review your work and a decision will be taken which shall be accordingly informed to you.
11. Will the purchased painting will be in a roll form or framed?
Paintings purchased online will only be shipped in roll form unless requested by the client. A separate quotation will be sent for works to be sent in a framed format.