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Painted Rhythm Art Gallery was established in 1987 with the aim to promote Modern and Contemporary Indian Art. Since its inception the gallery has evolved in various capacities from catering to the needs of individual clients to undertaking corporate art projects. The gallery houses a huge art collection, which is on display at the gallery on Linking road, Khar (West) and is available for our clients to acquire. Along with focusing on the growth of young and mid-career artists, our gallery also offers works by well-established Indian artists.

The gallery also organizes exhibitions from time to time both within and outside its gallery space. Under the title of ‘Rhythm of Colour’ the gallery has hosted numerous solo shows and group shows for its artists all over India. 

As Indian art has evolved over these years, so has the gallery. With the growing support from our patrons, artists, and art-lovers; Painted Rhythm Art Gallery has achieved tremendous success and continues its endeavor to encourage young artists.

Painted Rhythm Art Gallery also provides other value-added services from its gallery base in Mumbai: Bespoke Framing services
Art rental services
Interior art consultancy
Corporate art projects 
Art Sourcing
Commissioning artworks

Gallery Background & History
The birth of Painted Rhythm Art Gallery was actually by chance. Back in the early 70s, the Gala family (Directors of the firm) migrated to Mumbai with the hope of leading a better life in the city. Around 1987, as the family progressed financial, buying art for their respective homes was becoming increasingly difficult. Two main points for this:
1. Difficulty in finding quality and affordable Indian art.
2. Need to fill the gap between the artist and the client audience.

To fill this space, Painted Rhythm Art Gallery was established with the core intention of providing inexpensive art for Indian homes. This also gave the artist’s both a platform to showcase their talent and an audience that would appreciate their art.