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Kandi Narsimlu

Kandi Narsimlu
Kandi Narsimlu

Kandi Narsimlu hailing from Telangana. He obtained his Bachelors’ in Fine Arts from JNT University, College of Fine Arts and Architecture in Hyderabad and Masters’ in Fine Arts from JNA Hyderabad.
Kandi’s work is picturesque of village scapes and the locals of the region. He encapsulates the traditions of these villagers in true essence by giving prominence to details in their attire, their demeanor and their lifestyle. His work, and human forms in particular have a unique folk style. The work is rich in terms of the textures giving it a very traditional feel. He uses his work to portray the diminishing culture of the village folk and popularise the rich culture that rural parts of India harbors.
His most popularly used medium is acrylic on canvas. He is also popular for his sculptures which he sculpts using fibre glass and sometimes wood. He uses bright hues such as reds, ochres, blues, greens, etc. His strokes are long, bold, and well defined.
"Rural Whispers" is a collection of figurative art splendour. It is a riot of warm and cool colours used together to create a vibrancy that relates to the villages of India. The fluorescence of the colours leaves a deep impression on our minds and play all the right heart strings. The women clad in effervescent sarees with subtle prints and men in traditional, organic colours project an unrivaled sense of authenticity. It depicts an ethereal, rural, Telangana, where women hang keys to their mangalsutra and men wear silver amulets. They sport vermillion bindis that reflect deep-rooted Indian culture. They emulate scenes of confabulation where the locales converse with their eyes and share glorious stories. Their whispers emanate from the paintings as we look into their mysterious eyes. 

Women with money pouches tucked into their sarees, men carrying black umbrellas. Women adorned with flowers, men relishing paan. Steel tiffin boxes and cotton jolis, are just a few of the minute details that help each of the paintings narrate a story of their own and merge with an Indian conscience that has been woven in with a delicate hand. 

He has been felicitated by numerous awards for his work. He has a number of solo as well as group shows to his credit. He currently resides in Telangana and works from there.

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